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The Rishikesh Yoga School (RYS) is located in an area surrounded by the magnificent beauty of nature with green hills, majestic trees and a river running behind the Rishikesh Yoga School. This wonderful Yoga setting is perfect for a peaceful and inspiring place to learn and practice yoga. The sun shining through green leaves, the sound of the river and birds singing enables one to divert his or her attention from worldly cares and go deeper into one’s Yoga study and practice Yoga and meditation. The Rishikesh Yoga school also provide modern amenities including Wi-Fi.  At Rishikesh Yoga School, there will be many Yoga asanas that will be practiced daily including the study of pranayama, chanting of mantras and meditation.


All Rishikesh Yoga School meals square measure provided of delicious pure eater change of state. once productive, full days immersed altogether aspects of comprehensive, religious yoga.. evenings square measure quiet, fun and enriching

 Together, we will enjoy activities like Kirtan, singing Bhajans around the natural wood fire, sipping hot masala chai. For a deeper understanding of Yoga, stories of the Hindu Deities will be shared. A chance will also be given for an open discussion about yoga and its Yoga beneficial influence around the world.

In addition to Yoga, Meditation Retreat at the Rishikesh Yoga School, fun outings to totally different places of interest additionally as temples, trekking and looking out additionally are going to be organized

This will be a wonderful and special experience of Yoga and meditation for YOU, led by the inspiring and experienced teacher “Om” Rashpal Singh along with his family.

Participants can have a chance for self-rejuvenation and healing, deeper expertise in themselves and Hinduism life and also the advantage of Yoga in their life.

 Hopefully, YOU will be able to attend this life-enriching experience of Yoga and take advantage of the benefits of Yoga at the brand Rishikesh Yoga School.

Rishikesh Yoga School offers Yoga Alliance 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India.


By following ancient yogic traditions, Rishikesh Yoga School has become a Yoga School of excellence in Rishikesh India for the promotion and growth of spirituality and yogic philosophy across the world. The worldwide spiritual and yogic activities of the institute have benefited thousands of people across the globe. People who are associated with the organization are persistently doing research work for the empowerment of yoga and allied science.

Rishikesh Yoga School offers several Yoga Teacher Training courses in all styles of yoga. Elaborate Yoga course structure helps Yoga students to learn and practice several relaxation techniques defined in the ancient yogic philosophy. Our Yoga Teacher Training course instructor, the Swami Rash pal Yogi, has a wide range of yoga knowledge from Out of countries and he is continuously furthering his Yoga knowledge. Swami Rash pal Yogi has also Teach Reiki on basic yoga for the betterment of others.

Rishikesh Yoga School Rules & Regulations

  1. As a Rishikesh Yoga School of learning, we have boundaries and criteria with specific Yoga rules and regulations.

  2. All Yoga students are advised to follow our Rishikesh Yoga School rules and regulations during the Yoga Teacher Training course.

  3. Every Yoga students are requested to fulfill the Yoga registration formalities and submit the required information and Yoga Teacher Training course fee before the starting of the Yoga Teacher Training course at Rishikesh Yoga School.

  4. Yoga Students can pay in Indian Rupees or in Dollars, Euros or Pounds.

  5. All Yoga Students questions in Yoga class must be related to the Yoga Teacher Training course syllabus.

  6. It is beneficial to the Yoga Teacher Training students not to engage in Yoga poses such as shoulder stands, headstands, viparitakarani and kapalbhati, uddiyan bandha, etc. during the monthly Yoga Teacher Training time at our Rishikesh Yoga School.

  7. All Yoga TeacherTraining students are instructed to come to the Yoga class at least 5 minutes before the scheduled timing of each Yoga class During the Yoga Teacher Training.

  8. All Yoga Teacher Training students are requested not to join in any other educational or hobby programs during their Yoga Teacher Training course with Rishikesh Yoga School.

  9. Every Yoga Teacher Training students are requested to strictly follow the Yoga diet & guidelines as suggested by Yoga School. This is to help you gain the best Yoga experience possible.

  10. Please avoid spicy, non-veg meals outside During the Yoga Teacher Training course, as this is strictly not allowed within the Rishikesh Yoga School for the duration of the Yoga Teacher Training course. Yoga Students need to have only Sattvik food.

Rishikesh Yoga School Activities & Facilities



There are 11 rooms in Rishikesh Yoga School. The Rooms of Rishikesh Yoga School have Good beds with bedding appropriate to each season, and an adjoining bathroom with a Western toilet For Yoga Teacher Training Students.



Rishikesh Yoga School has a selection of English, Japanese and Hindi books on Yoga Teacher Training and spiritual fiction that you may borrow from the library to read in the sitting room, or in your own room During the Yoga Teacher Training Course. The library is open for two hours most days after lunch and most evenings after dinner for the Yoga Teacher Training Course Students.



In order to respect the local culture and minimize distraction from sadhana, Rishikesh Yoga School asks that you respect the dress code, even on balconies and in the gardens.

Generally, shoulders and legs should be covered for women and nothing too tight. Men, please wear a shirt During Yoga Teacher Training Course.



During Yoga Teacher Training Course We observe silence (Mauna) from 9 PM until after breakfast at Rishikesh Yoga School. This ensures maximum peace for spiritual practices and rests in the Rishikesh Yoga School community.

We welcome you for an inspiring stay in this spiritual community of Rishikesh Yoga School.



Rishikesh Yoga School Kirtan is the chanting of names or archetypes. It is a melodious, uplifting practice that encourages the surrender of the ego and letting go of constructs which hold us back from free-flowing energy and opening the heart. There is no need to be a good singer or to know a lot of information about the ‘names’. Whether the kirtan is related to Krishna and unconditional love, or Shiva, and welfare or transformation, by chanting kirtan you will experience on your own what this practice has to reveal to you.
Kirtan is Every Day from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.


The practice of selfless service, without attachment to the fruits of the action, is one of the pathways to enlightenment. If guests wish, they may be of service around the Rishikesh Yoga School helping at any time in the kitchen, garden, library, cleaning etc. Please advise the Rishikesh Yoga School office of your wishes.

Group karma yoga is Every Day. 

RYS ( Rishikesh Yoga School )’s Rishikesh Vision and Mission

We are here to impart the vision of Yogis (Rishis), and sages of yore, the teachings of which had been offered by our Yogis (Rishis), since centuries of Guru-disciples lineage. Freedom and self- discovery is our ultimate aim.

We aim to make Yoga teachers aware of the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. These 8 limbs or steps are the core of Patanjali’s Yoga teachings and build a framework that helps us to recognize our true self. Our Yoga teaching focuses as much on the external Yoga practices (such as correct alignment of Yoga Asanas) as on the internal practices (such as one’s ethical standards, meditation, and spiritual practices).

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