Yogi Life Experience

A yogi is a person, who is a practitioner of yoga. The term “yogi” is used to refer those people, who are sannyasi or practitioner of meditation in the various Indian religions. Since 12th-century CE, the members of the Nath Siddha tradition of Hinduism has also been referred as yogi or Jogi. Tantrika is also called as a yogini in Tantra traditions of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. As per Hindu mythology. God Shiva and Goddess Parvati are depicted as an emblematic yogi-yogini pair.

Swami Rashpal Yogi, an old Indian Yogi, used to live with an empty stomach. He believes that he receives his energy from space. Swami Rashpal claims that he has been living without food and water for over 3 months.


According to Swami Rashpal Yogi, when he was doing meditation, in a cave near the Himalayas, a Goddess visited her because she felt sorry for the child and gave him wonderful capabilities. Since then, yogi Rashpal only requires a drop or two of magic nectar sent to him by the Goddess every day.