Traditional Meditation  program at Rishikesh Yog School Rishikesh India

Due to the hectic pace and demands of modern life, the majority of people feel stressed and overworked. They feel that they don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. This stress and tiredness start making us unhappy, impatient and frustrated, affecting our health. We feel so busy, making us think that we don’t have enough time for meditation! However, it’s the opposite because meditation gives us more time by making us calm and focused. A breathing meditation technique, which is simple, for ten or fifteen minutes as explained below can help you to reduce your stress and find inner peace.

We can understand our own mind with the help of meditation. Meditation can help a person to transform his or her mindset from a negative to positive, disturbed to peaceful, etc. In the Buddhist tradition, the purpose of transforming meditation is to overcome negative mindset and cultivate constructive thoughts. This is a spiritual practice that you can enjoy throughout the day. 

The main objective of meditation is to enable your mind to be calm and peaceful.  A peaceful mind will lead to freedom from worries and mental discomfort, which will result in true happiness. If your mind is not peaceful, you will experience difficulty in being happy, even if the living conditions are good. Training in meditation will help to make our mind more peaceful and the result will be pure happiness. We create an inner peace and clarity that allows us to control our mind.