Yoga Teachers Team

Yoga Teacher's in Rishikesh Yoga School

 Swami Rashpal Yogi (Yoga Teacher)

Yogi Rashpal Ji is deeply passionate, Professional yoga teacher. The journey of yoga-life started at a very young age. After completing the studies, he has incorporated yoga and meditation into the lifestyle. He has been teaching yoga and meditation regularly since 2001. Mr. Yogi is a perfectionist in different yoga style- Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga Furthermore meditation, Pranayama, Reiki as well. even Swami Rashpal Yogi has traveled throughout India and trained people for yoga and Naturopathy. He has provided Yoga teachers training outside India also. Now He has kept continue to pass on the knowledge he has learned, to people from all walks of life.

Reeta Thakur (Yoga Teacher)

Reeta is a professional yoga teacher. She has specialization in Meditation, Mantras, divine music. She has been teaching lots of Yoga students for 12th years. Additional she is good singer, Instrument player, and Hindi language teacher as well. Her teaching method is very funny, interesting & knowledgeable. She has a great personality to teach many kinds of Yoga students like beginners and experience.


Swami Shiva Shuta Gouri Bhakta is a great Yoga, spiritual teacher, & meditater, at Rishikesh Yoga School. He has deep knowledge of Ramayan, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishad, Vedas, Vedanta & Patanjali Yoga Sutras. His whole life is dedicated to exploring Ancient yoga education, meditation, and spirituality across the world. He is spreading yoga in many countries Rishikesh India,  Nepal, Malasia, & China.


Krishna yogi was started his yoga journey in 2012. He is Inspired to guru Acharya Satyavati. He won Silver and Gold medal at both the state and national level in yoga contests. Mr. Krishna is very young, energetic, smart yoga Instructor at Rishikesh Yoga School.


The Anatomy' teacher of Yoga teacher training course at the Rishikesh Yoga School. He has held the MPT( sports medicine ) from Dehradun (SBS PGI), Certified -Pilates trainer(MK)  Reiki therapist, sports taping, Dry needling therapist. He worked as sports Physiotherapist at various sports events and Presently working as state physiotherapist for Himachal Pradesh karate Association also. Mr. Amrit is teaching yoga last 5th years. His lessons are well received by his Yoga students. 


                                          Rules in Rishikesh Yoga School                                                       

Since Rishikesh Yoga School is a Yoga meditation center and not a guesthouse, we ask all of our Yoga retreatants and Yoga visitors to observe the following rules of discipline in order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to inner reflection and Yoga meditation:

1.)    Yoga Students/Yoga Guests, please do not enter in the Yoga School Kitchen. The only Rishikesh Yoga School cook is allowed in the Kitchen all the time.

2.)    All meals are provided for our Yoga Students /Yoga Guests. Please see schedule for meal timings.

3.)    To support and maintain sattvic eating, no meat, egg, Garlic, and onion are not allowed in Rishikesh Yoga School.

4.)    Practicing “Maun “or silent, during meal times, is encouraged.

5.)    We want to ensure the safety of all our Yoga Students/Yoga Guests. Therefore we ask that if you leave the Yoga School property you must return to the Rishikesh Yoga School no later than 10 pm.

6.)    All Yoga Students/Yoga Guests are required to participate in Aarti daily. No exceptions.

7.)    Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs of any kind are strictly not allowed in Rishikesh Yoga School.

8.)    To maintain a peaceful environment in The Rishikesh Yoga School Please keep all music at a low minimum level.

9.)    This is your Yoga School, We ask all Yoga Gust & Yoga Students support each other to keep a clean environment in their own rooms and throughout the Rishikesh Yoga School.

10.)    Please participate in Seva and help clean whenever you can.

11.)     No Sexual activity. This also includes no holding hands, hugging, massages and other physical displays of affection in Rishikesh Yoga School.

12.)     Use Respectfully dress. (Please no shirts above the knee, Tank-Top Shirts or Tight and revealing clothing) in Rishikesh Yoga School.

13.)     The family members, relatives, and friends can visit and meet only in the Rishikesh Yoga School office not allowed in the Yoga Students room.

14.)    Every person will wash his own clothes in the washing machine and he will dry himself. He will not ask any member of the Rishikesh Yoga School.           


Rishikesh yoga school allowed sharing the Rooms, according to Rishikesh Yoga School situation & When Go Outside of Room Switch of light geyser & Turn off Tub.